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"C" and "A" Series

Ideal for regulated feeding from a hopper or from one process to another. Controls material flow rates from pounds to many tons per hour. Patented AC drive provides years of trouble free service with no belts or bearing to be replaced. Can't hold weight.


"HS" Series

The Eriez High Speed (HS) range of Vibratory Feeders is ideally suited to the high feed rates associated with packaging and filling applications. Designed for frequent start/stop duties, the feeder operates at an amplitude of 2.3, and has extremely rapid decay times.

"HD" Series

High Deflection feeders combine a high amplitude(up to 3/16 inch) motion and the reliability of an electromagnetic drive for superior metering of powders (-100 mesh), leafy, and slightly sticky products. These products can be difficult to feed in a typical electromagnetic feeder.


Electromagnetic Vibratory Screeners

Eriez' rectangular screeners use standard electromagnetic drives and are well suited for restricted space locations using either overhead or base mounted drives.


Mechanical Vibratory Screeners

For large scale, heavy-duty applications, Eriez builds screeners using the TM and HV drives covered under the "conveyor" heading.

Mechanical Feeders and Conveyors

Feeders: These mechanical feeders have a spring coupled two-mass vibrating system which is excited by a motor-driven eccentric shaft. Adjustable-angle rubber springs, which can be removed and replaced in less than two minutes if required, transmit the exciting force and are capable of fine tuning the motion of the trough to optimize the flow rate for a specific application.

Conveyors: Manufactures both single and two mass vibrating systems for the purpose of handling a wide variety of bulk materials.


Conveyors- Mechanical Tuned Two-Mass

Two-Mass (TM) conveyors are low-horsepower, high-capacity units for the controlled transfer of bulk materials in rugged duty environments. It's tubular base and wide-open design make it ideal for food and pharmaceutical applications.

Volumatic Feeder Machines

A combination hopper, vibrator, feeder and control for general blending or metering. Meters products from dry granular to small lump material with a normal accuracy of +/- 2. 

EriezXpress Stock Magnets


Vibrators - Bin & Industrial

Attaches to steel or plastic hoppers, chutes and pipes to aid product flow. AC Electromagnetic Drive provides years of trouble free operation. Vibrators can cycle up to 30 times per minute.


Heavy Duty Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeders

Heavy-duty feeders for precise blending and metering of granular to lumpy (less than 12 inch diameter) material. Designed for large capacity and difficult material handling operations up to 850tph (765mtph)

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