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Screening Separation


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Fusion Screens are a revolutionary screen developed from a new technology that "fuses" the screen mesh to the tension ring. Fusion Screens have been designed to eliminate the use of adhesive, epoxy or silicone in screen manufacturing resulting in a unitary construction that minimizes the potential for contamination. Added benefits include precise repeatable tensioning and engineered uniform integral strain relief created from the complex robotic manufacturing process.

Supertaut Plus

Patented Supertaut Plus Screens are a breakthrough in screen technology. With their improved design, and our commitment to service, we can handle your most challenging screening requirements.

The adhesive developed by SWECO engineers is the key to this breakthrough screen. This pure white adherent combines FDA approved chemistry, with the durability to withstand caustic and steam cleaning.
In addition to retaining every quality and performance advantage of the original Supertaut, this new screen can withstand severe environments, and is made from FDA approved components for food contact.

And, Supertaut Plus screens are available to fit nearly all circular separators. So, regardless of what type of unit you have, you can equip it with the best screen on the market.


SWECO Magnum screens are the most revolutionary advancement in separator screen technology in the last decade. Designed for increased strength, the patented Magnum screen has shown significantly improved screen life over traditional designs. Advanced mesh fusion divides the screen into discrete zones, preventing propagation of most tears. The mesh fusion also enhances flow rates by stiffening the screen surface, which improves solids conveying




SWECO Sandwich Screens are comprised of a working mesh on top of the tension ring, and a coarser mesh (support screen) is attached to the bottom of the ring with sliders and balls placed in-between creating a sandwich screen. The sliders and balls will bounce off of the support screen and tap the top screen, dislodging near size particles or fibers that tend to blind the screen and reduce screening area


Hook Screens may feature a single layer of mesh of a double layer, where a coarse mesh serves as a backup to a finer top mesh, adding strength. A triple or sandwich type layered screen is also offered for specialized applications. Plastic reinforcing is used in multiple layered screens when it will contribute to screen life 


 Grommet Sifter Screens will fit virtually any type of rectangular or box style gyratory sifter. They come in various sizes, shapes and materials with a wide range of mesh sizes and cloth types.     




In addition to round screens, Supertaut Plus mounting is also available for Rectangular screens. Using a patented pneumatic sealing system, pre-tensioned Supertaut Plus screens can be installed by an operator in just minutes. This unique system also eliminates the bypass of solids at the screen edge, insuring "zero-bypass".


Perforated Plates

Perforated plates are used in conjunction with sliders and/or balls to dislodge near-size particles or fibers and improve screening efficiency. Additionally, perf plates can be used directly in the screening process as the screen itself. There are several applications where a perf plate is preferred over a woven mesh screen to avoid the vertical bouncing effect that is typical from such screens, and the life of a perf plate is much greater than that of a wire or cloth mesh screen.



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