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Remote Portal

Remote Portal

Remote Portal is an add-on module that resides between the C3 X-ray inspection machine and your internet enabled factory LAN to give a web browser view of the inspection throughput statistics, archive images, as well as remote service and upgrade capability.

Novus X-Ray's C3 machines inherently support real-time traceability of you product inspection results. The Remote Portal module enhances this capability by constantly synchronizing with the C3 machine, recording the results and associated images to a non-volatile storage device. It parses all throughput statistics to create an easy to use and understandable database using the all-familiar hypertext web interface.

Remote Portal also provides a very effective way for Novus X-Ray support engineers to help you with your quality problems, remotely and in real-time. A support engineer can retrieve your image archive and/or live images, make the appropriate changes, and upload the changes even while your machine is still inspecting product. This capability is commonly call Hot Patching ... no need to stop the production process to enhance, retune, or repair the inspection processor resulting in zero down time!

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