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Professional Engineering Associates, Inc.

Vibratory Material Handling & Process Equipment.

Specializing in bin dischargers, vibrating fluid bed heaters, dryers, coolers and processors.


Don't replace your material handling and storage equipment, revive it, with the promise of eliminating vertical flow problems forever. The all-ne
w Vibra-Panel is available exclusively from Professional Engineering Associates, Inc., and it can be adapted to fit any new or existing installation, such as bins, dust collectors, chutes, etc. Flat, round or conical designs are available.
The Vibra-Panel is the unique vertical flow solution. When used, it significantly improves productivity. Easy installation and retro-fit are among its benefits; simply incorporate a
Panel into your existing equipment and watch for impressive and immediate results.


Proven to be one of the most efficient and reliable means of providing continuous product flow from storage bins. Our rugged isolation system- the
heaviest in the industry- and heavy-duty drive give our unit the ability to move even the most difficult of materials, while eliminating such problems as bridging, ratholing and classification. 

Spiral Elevator

A means of elevating bulk material, using vibratory motion. Our unique drive design utilizes
one motor rather than two to energize two sets of eccentric weights, assuring the precise synchronization of motion between the drive shafts. This feature provides smooth starting and stopping action and eliminates the possibility of dangerous erratic motion caused by the drive shafts being out of "sync." 

Vibratory Process Unit
P.E.A. Process Units should be considered to satisfy your needs for heating, drying, cooling, moisturizing and, in many cases, size classification of nearly any bulk material.
Our superior design, that is "unique throughout the industry," features a Product Recovery Design and Self-Cleaning Air
Plenum. This assures that product waste is eliminated and that the product cannot be trapped inside the unit.
We offer two basic lines for our Process Unit: the Fluid-Bed (direct heat transfer design), and the Panel Coil (indirect heat transfer design). A sanitary option is also available for use with food products, pharmaceuticals, etc.


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