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Pneumatic Conveying

Pneumatic Conveying


Models 109013
Mobile Conveyors 

Available with a wide range of material receivers and filters, including HEPA type.
Vacuum power unit can be positive displacement pump, regenerative blower or air-powered venture system constructed of carbon steel or stainless steel.


Model 104122
Bulk Bag Unloader

The Vac-U-Max Bulk Bag Unloading System, also known as bulk bag dischargers and super sack unloaders are specially designed to provide an easy, clean and economical way to discharge the entire contents of bulk and semi-bulk bags, especially when the material is less than free-flowing.




Model 104121
Bag Dump Station

  • Engineered for easy cleaning.
  • "Unitized" body is fabricated with fewest possible welds. All interior bends are minimum 1/8" radius and the few corner welds are ground to not less than 1/8" radius.
  • Available in 304 or 316 stainless steel or carbon steel.
  • Body is supported by separate, strong frame made from square tubing. No crevices for material to accumulate.
  • Sturdy, easily removable grate provides rigid surface for bag slitting and dumping, ample open area for material to drop into body.
  • Magnetic grate to retain unwanted ferrous material can be furnished.
  • Body has integral dust hood with gas spring assisted lift-up door. Can be furnished with integral dust collector; air actuated low pressure valve with tubular outlet to connect more than one station to remote dust collection system; or plain tubular outlet.
  • Baffle inside hood directs air and dust downward and to the rear and is removable for cleaning without requiring tools.
  • Integral dust collector features bags which hook and snap in place and are serviced from the clean side. No glued-in gaskets, even on the large access door. Dual pulse filter cleaning.
  • Door interlock switch actuates dust collector fan or low pressure valve on hood when door is opened.
  • Discharge can be furnished with: flanged outlet or other arrangement to mate to customer's process equipment or gravity chute; exclusive Vac-U-Max pickup adapter with air control slide valve and intake filter to introduce material into a vacuum pneumatic conveying system; chisel bottom screw discharger, with or without flexible walls; rotary airlock valve; or rotary agitated discharger.
  • Vibrator mount is standard on the body. Vibrator is optional.
  • Units available with special features meeting USDA requirements.



Blenders and Mixers

Eliminates the conventional vacuum receiver, its loading and discharge .Transfers all the material into the process without spills, waste. Keeps housekeeping to a minimum.

 Transfer can be completely automatic, eliminating the manual handling of the material.
Avoids product waste, loss and contamination. Material is drawn from floor level through clean hose or tubing. Operating personnel are not exposed to dusty or harmful material.

Systems are packaged with timing controls and automatic pulse filter cleaning. Controls and vacuum pump can be remotely located.

Blender loader hopper is easily removed from frame for washdown, leaving controls and power components in place.

Blender cover modifications are routine, or standard adapters are available for many models.

Complete range of pneumatic accessories include pick-up wands, feed bins and bag dump stations.

Power options include VAC-U-MAX vacuum pump packages from 3 hp up and the exclusive ,VAC-U-MAX venturi power unit.

Available standard in 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel. Food and pharmaceutical grade finishes available.



Loading a Loss in weight feeder that is operating in a continuous mode requires the right kind of equipment. The objective is to refill the feeder as quickly as possible. VAC-U-MAX offers the fastest way to reload a feeder in the material handling business. Many times the Feeder is purchased without consideration of how the feeder will get filled and refilled. 






VAC-U-MAX has designed a number of bulk bag loading frames for different applications and will aggressively respond to all bulk bag loading opportunities. Two frames are offered as standard MDL104130A and MDL1041308. In general, the frames from VAC-U-MAX are simple, sturdy frames of square tubular construction with four legs and permitting a great number of loading options, including the supports for these. A simple bungee cord bag neck damp offers a major advantage in being able to seal any bag neck from 13 inch diameter to 24 inch diameter without changing the bag neck spout. An inflatable cuff, which is common on competitive units, is offered as an option. The disadvantage of this device is that a single size cannot accommodate a wide range of bag necks . The versatile and simple single venturi power unit with venturi discharge provides a source of low pressure air for bag inflation. A filter for the air displaced from the bag Is standard





Ideally suited for handling powders, granules, tablets, capsules and other pharmaceutical items, vacuum pneumatic conveyors can also be designed to deliver closures and moderate-sized containers to filing lines.





VAC-U-MAX combines modern computerized technology with innovative mechanical and pneumatic design to produce ingredient handling systems that not only free operators of physical effort but also perform sophisticated pneumatic conveying operations with little human assistance.

Each system we design is custom engineered for the application parameters provided by the customer, to ensure that the system will perform to exact requirements.

The system conveys three different ingredients from drums to the weigh hopper and automatically batches them to precise weights, in various preprogrammed formulations. They are then automatically discharged into a surge hopper and adapter spout, which can be rotated to load any of three mixing tanks. A micro-processor-based control panel provides the flexibility to add, change or delete formulations as required.



Compact design receiver package with rates of 200-250 Kg. per hour.

Eliminate manual scooping of product and messy dumping or mishandling. Draw material directly from drums, boxes, storage containers, process vessels.

Dust-tight connection of receiver to press hopper provides maximum cleanliness and product integrity.

Easy to clean. Four quick-acting heavy duty clamps facilitate disassembly for cleaning and service. No tools required!

Automatic pulse jet filter cleaning ensures peak operating performance.

Sanitary construction. Furnished in 304 stainless steel (optional 3 2 6L), USDA accepted.

Level sensor automatically starts conveying cycle when material level reaches low level in the tablet press hopper.

Solid state tirner in NEMA 4 1/ 2 enclosure controls system functions.

Powered by air-operated venturi power unit, or high efficiency electric blower.

Minimum maintenance - few moving parts.

Full opening discharge valve assures complete discharge of material.

Complete package includes: receiver, power unit, vacuum, hose, conveying wand, and control panel.

Mounting lugs for easy installation.

Pi at source remotely, located. No lifting heavy cover with venturi power unit attached!

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