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 Rotary Airlock Feeders
Meyer rotary valves are used in a wide range of applications where there is a need to minimize system air losses while transferring material between vessels with differing pressures. 
Double Flapgate Vales
The Double Flap Gate Valve is your solution for applications with elevated temperatures, abrasive products, or high pressure differentials.
Pneumatic Screw Pump
Meyer Pneumatic Screw Pump is an airlock designed to feed dry pulverized material from a gravity food hopper into a pneumatic conveying line by using a screw auger. Ideal for high temperature and abrasive applications.
Blower Packages
Pressure and Vacuum Blower Packages ideal for Pneumatic Conveying, Aeration/ Waste Water Treatment, Landfill Evacuation, Combustion or Gas Boosting applications.
Slide Gates
Meyer offers a full complement of slide gates for bulk material handling systems. All gates are designed for handling dry free flowing materials.
Gravity Flow Diverters
Gravity Flow Diverters for channeling free flowing materials.
Pneumatic Diverters
Pneumatic Diverter Valves are designed for positive sealing and dependable switching of material flow in pressurized conveying lines. Materials from a single source may be diverted into two separate legs.
Rebuild Service Engineering & Repairs
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