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Mechanical Conveying

Flexible Screw Conveyor

AERO-FLEX flexible conveying systems are engineered to transport most dry bulk materials at a reduced cost. They convey powders and granular material without separation of product.

The Areo-Flex system utilizes a stainless steel or carbon steel one-piece helix, which is enclosed within a stationary plastic tubing, for transferring material from its feed hopper to the discharge point, quickly and efficiently.


The AERO-FLEX is excellent for transferring most types of products including, Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, and Plastics, from bulk bag unloaders, bag dump stations, and feed hoppers.

  • Load filling machines 1 Blenders/Mixers 1 Surge Hoppers
  • Bulk Bag Loaders
  • Grinders, Pulverizers, Air Classifiers
  • Load and Unload Sifters

 Filling Machine Application

  • Efficient transfer of material
  • Increased production
  • Simple maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Flexibility to meet most application and installation requirements
  • Multiple pick-up and discharge points Mobile systems for in-plant flexibility

Adaptable to Multiple Pick-Up Points

  • Bulk Bag Unloaders
  • Feedbins or Hoppers
  • Bag Dump Stations
  • Mixers and Blenders
  • Pharmaceutical machinery
  • Silos

Aero-Flex in conjunction with a bag dump station, loading a mixer.

A bag compactor connected to the dump station is utilized for disposal of empty bags.


 Typical Applications

Bulk Bag Unloading:

  • Controlled discharge rate
  • Start and stop under load
  • Ideal for controlled discharge to packaging machines
  • No isolation valve needed beneath the bulk bag
  • Flexible low-profile design

Typical Bag Dump Station Application

Bag Dump Stations:

  • Simple up & In transfer of material
  • Controlled filing rate
  • Operator can "dump and run", leaving product to be discharged unattended
  • Self-contained or centralized filter system
  • Simple dump hopper and glove box type options


Typical Bag Dump Station Application

Test Facility

  With over 6,000 square feet of available floor space, we have the ability to create a multitude of equipment configurations. We have tested thousands of difficult to convey materials, all at no charge to the potential customer. The facility is fully equipped to meet most customer demands.

 Typically, after a customer meets with a company representative to determine what size and model equipment will best suit his applications ~needs, a product sample is provided. We will try to closely duplicate actual conditions of the customer's site.

Typical Products Handled

  • Carbon Black - Chlorine Powder - Detergent Fines - Diatomaceous Earth - Ferric Sulfate - Gypsum - Lead Oxide - Silica Gel - Soup Noodles - Titanium Dioxide - Zinc Stearate 
  • Caffeine Powder - Cut Tea - Herbal Tea - Cake Mix - Cereal - Coffee Beans - Color Powder - Cocoa Beans - Dextrose - Flour - Garlic Powder - Onion Flakes, Dried - Pasta Shells - Potato Chips - Rice - Salt - Starch - Waffle Mix - Whey
  • Alkaline - Aspirin - Boric Acid - Dental Powder - Epsom Salts - Gelatin Capsules - Lactose - Niacin - Tablet Granulation's - Vitamins 
  • Fiberglass, Chopped - Grout - Rubber Crumb


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