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Magnetic Separation



The following magnets are some of the many types of rare earth, ceramic and electro magnets that Eriez designs and  manufactures.  Please visit for complete information about all Eriez products.

Eriez designs and manufactures a broad range of Magnetic Separators to remove ferrous metals from dry and wet products gravity fed through pipes and chutes, loosely transported on conveyors and/or pumped through pipelines. Two types of magnet materials are offered; ceramic and Rare Earth.


Plate Magnet

Grate Magnet

(Grate in housing shown)

Liquid Line Trap 

Drawer Magnets


Deep Reach Separator

Magnetic Pulley

Sight Glass Magnet

RF Cartridge Magnet

Self Cleaning Permanent Magnet

Self Cleaning Suspended Magnet

Air Cooled Explosion Proof Suspended Electromagnet

Rare Earth Wet Drum Separator

Rare Earth Magnetic Roll

Drum Magnet

Model T Large Capacity Liquid Line Trap

Self Cleaning Magnetic Hump




Eriez Rare Earth Roll Magnet


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