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Double Flapgate Valves

The Double Flapgate Valves come in A Series, C Series, F Series. To find out more information on these products visit the Meyer website at

A Series

Double Flapgate Valves

The A-Series-Cast Double Flapgate Airlock Valves are designed for medium-pressure applications and standard temperatures to 650°F. These units are an excellent, economical alternative to rotary valves. All three models match the standard industry flange pattern and height. The low-profile design of the MPSA model enables it to fit in restricted space without costly structural changes. All models are offered with the following choice of drives; pneumatic, electro-mechanical or gravity/counter-weight actuation.



C Series


The C-Series Double-Flapgate Airlock Valves are designed for high-pressure applications up to 20 psi and temperature extremes up to 1,650˚F or higher depending upon the application. Meyer is the only manufacturer to offer a double-flapgate product that can operate reliably in pneumatic conveying systems at these pressures. The C-Series is available in both the "short", low-profile HPSC model and the "tall", high-profile HPTC model. Both models are offered with a choice of pneumatic, electro-mechanical or gravity/counterweight actuation. A triple flapgate configuration is also available if better suited to your particular application.




F Series

Double Flapgate

The F-Series Double-Flapgate Airlock Valves are designed for low-pressure applications when keeping costs to a minimum is critical. Operating temperatures are typically in the 250˚F range. The F-Series is an excellent choice as a low maintenance and dependable alternative to slide gate valves and rotary airlock valves. Offered in a choice of pneumatic or gravity/counterweight actuation.



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