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The C5 Series machines are intended for inspection of glass jar, metal can, and other stand-up packages. These systems use a side view of the product.


The C5 X-Ray System is specifically designed for the rapid automatic inspection of Jar, bottle, and other tall product. The unique geometry enables unparalleled detection capability. This inspection performance is unmatched even with much more expensive multi-view systems.

System Highlights:

  • Small footprint does not demand much floor space and replaces both metal detector and fill level detection functions.
  • HyperSwitch Image Processing Platform for mulitfunctional capability.
  • Conveyor and processing speeds up to 200 FPM or 1000
  • So simple to operatewith the 12" LCD touch-screen
  • NEMA-4 / IP65 with closed system cooling configurations
  • 100% stainless-steel construction

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