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The C4 Series machines are intended for inspection of non-packaged food, and other hygiene sensitive applications. These systems use a vertical view of the product.

Concept-4 is optimized for the meat and poultry environment fully compliant with IP69K wash-down, and AMI, USDA, NFS-3A hygiene requirements.  Construction is 100% lead free therefore eliminating any hazardous material consideration.

System Highlights:

  • IP69K Wash-down Compliant No compromise for deployment in meat and poultry processing environments
  • AMI, USDA, NFS-3A Compliant Inherently clean by design. Everything on or around the conveyor system is completely sealed and offer no place for bacteria
  • Tooless break-down for cleaning The a dual sealed FDA compliant belt that can be quickly removed with no tools on a daily basis.
  • Condensation Prevention High pressure and temperature extremes are handled by external water management and a dry air purge system to prevent internal condensation 
  • Small footprint does not demand much floor space and replaces both metal detector and checkweigher functions.
  • HyperSwitch Image Processing Platform for mulitfunctional capability.
  • Conveyor and processing speeds up to 200 FPM or 600 packages/minute.
  • Integrated air-blast, add-on drop or push-arm rejecter mechanism
  • 100% stainless-steel construction including conveyor curtains

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