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 The C3 Series machines are intended for inspection of packaged products. These systems use a vertical view of the product.

Concept-3 is optimized for the low intensity "soft-X-ray" energy range. When coupled with it's unique high dynamic range detection system, unparalleled image discrimination is achieved. Construction is 100% lead free therefore eliminating any hazardous material consideration.

System Highlights:

  • HyperSwitch software allows mixed product and multilane inspection.
  • HyperSwitch Bene software automates setup for contaminant and weight inspection.
  • Random product spacing and orientation.
  • Conveyor and processing speeds up to 200FPM or 600 package/minute.
  • Full square tunnel aperture coverage with no missed product corners.
  • USB memory stick for spreadsheet formatted reports and software upgrades.
  • Ethernet interfaces for Internet Live support, software maintenance, and diagnostics.
  • NEMA-4/IP65 with closed system A/C cooling
  • Conveyor belt is FDA approved and can easily be removed for cleaning with no tools
  • Integrated air-blast, add-on drop or push-arm rejecter mechanism
  • Small fottprint in 100% stainless-steel construction
  • Infrared touch screen for full pressure.

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